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04 May 2020

Rename an Windows Domain Controleur

Need to rename an Active Directory server ? --- Who never do stupid error? especially when it's not your core univers....
18 Apr 2020

Vspg Cli

I finally create a CLI for my password API service VSPG. It's more a proof of concept I still have a lot of work to do,...
01 Apr 2020

Quick Ref Ansible Facts

A quick reminder of the Ansible facts of an host you can get (for linux, the windows one are different). Run the comman...
30 Jul 2019

Launch AWX / Tower Job by Name

You whant to run a job with a more "friendly" way than using an ID ? It's easy, AWX leave you the oportunity to do that ...
02 Jan 2014

Never Use Shortname in SA

That’s why you should not use the Shortname in Server Automation --- ![alt text](/img/shortnameInSA.jpg "Shortname in...