18 Oct 2011

OO 9.02 Release is Now Available

Category: HP,OOEnky @ 14 h 40 min


The 9.02 release is now available and can be found here http://support.openview.hp.com/selfsolve/document/KM1252187


OO Release 9.02 fixes the following Change Requests:

  • QCCR1D134235: OO Central throws a NullPointerException when the setting log4j.rootLogger is set to DEBUG in the log4j.properties of Central
  • QCCR1D130956: RSCLUSTER service fails to start after configuring for RAS Clustering
  • QCCR1D115443: Provide ability to change permissions on selected objects QCCR1D114532: Copy Deep is allowed to transfer (copy) objects across repositories
  • QCCR1D134414: In Studio, the Description tab is not in HTML format
  • QCCR1D117338: Lengthy shutdown time (8 minutes) on Windows 2008 x64 server of embedded OO RSCentral service appears as a Network Node Manager iSPI NET installer hang
  • QCCR1D131883: WS API getting status for certain run IDs results in IndexOutOfBounds exception
  • QCCR1D129430: Asynchronous OO calls intermittently return an incomplete (wrong) rawResult QCCR1D111729: Restoring repository from backup does not restore Japanese folder and flow names
  • QCCR1D133657: All RAS-based flows using the OO Load Balancer fail in OO 7.60 or OO 9.00
  • QCCR1D130928: SOAP API getFlowDetails does not return default values for inputs
  • QCCR1D108972: ROI not showing on run report for ROI of subflow when the flow is run headlessly
  • QCCR1D132914: The default certificates for the RAS and Central are set to expire on May 20th 2011

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09 Sep 2011

Unable to start transaction

Category: OOEnky @ 14 h 37 min

I have this error in Studio when I try to check in : “Unable to start transaction”

In the studio.log You can see this line :

ERROR [AWT-EventQueue-1] (11:08:19,281) com.iconclude.dharma.model.library.actions.CreateSection - Error executing action
com.iconclude.dharma.commons.exception.DharmaException: Unable to start transaction
Caused by: org.apache.commons.transaction.file.ResourceManagerSystemException: 1324ddfbd4c-1e1: Saving status information to '/hpoo/Central-9.00/Central/rcrepo/.tmp/central-OO01-19ed0137-d07f-4e68-b54e-706c16f9824c/1324ddfbd4c-1e1/transaction.log' failed! Could not create file (ERR_SYSTEM)
Caused by: java.io.FileNotFoundException: /hpoo/Central-9.00/Central/rcrepo/.tmp/central-OO01-19ed0137-d07f-4e68-b54e-706c16f9824c/1324ddfbd4c-1e1/transaction.log (No such file or directory)

The central can’t write the file on the FS.
-bash-3.2# df -h | grep hpoo
/dev/mapper/hpoo_9.0  9.9G 9.4G 0 100% /hpoo/

No space on the FS …

See the log directory on the central server 😉

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09 Sep 2011

How can the ‘admin’ password be reset in Operations Orchestration?

Category: OOEnky @ 10 h 31 min

See the Knowledge document KM718975


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08 Sep 2011

Add a word at the end of a chain to a first specific letter.

Category: OOEnky @ 10 h 07 min


  2. if ( (scriptletInput.charAt(0) == ‘P’) || (scriptletInput.charAt(0) == ‘p’) ){
  3.                 scriptletResult=scriptletInput+‘_prod’;
  4. } else {
  5.                         scriptletResult=scriptletInput;
  6. }

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02 Sep 2011

Kernel Update OO and SA

Category: OO,SAEnky @ 17 h 14 min

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23 Août 2011

Dont kill the Spin

Category: SA,SpinEnky @ 14 h 36 min

Dont kill the SA Spin

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01 Août 2011

Never use shortname in SA

Category: HP,SAEnky @ 22 h 01 min

That’s why you should not use the Shortname in SA

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15 Juil 2011

Cannot run program error=13 Permission denied

Category: HP,OOEnky @ 5 h 10 min


You are using the “Remote Command” Operation  and you have randomly this error :
Cannot run program "/tmp/*.tmp": java.io.IOException: error=13, Permission denied
Contact support for the HotFix (KM1177012)


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15 Juil 2011

Some cool new functionalities in SA 9.10

Category: HP,SAEnky @ 4 h 27 min


RPM Rollback

You can now roll back an RPM upgrade to restore systems to a former working state. This is used in the event of an RPM upgrade that caused a failure.

If you have ever performed an upgrade on one or more RPMs, and then discovered that the upgrade had undesirable consequences or was not compatible with one of the applications on the host, then you know the need for RPM Rollback. You need to be able to revert the set of installed RPMs on the server to the set it had prior to the upgrade. Now you can—in a single operation.


Ability to Stop Active Jobs

This type of job cancellation is considered a soft cancel because the integrity of the managed servers is maintained and the opportunity for errors is minimized. For this reason, individual job phases that are underway must complete, but subsequent ones are candidates for cancellation: only those that can be safely skipped will be cancelled. However, no work will be initiated on any additional servers. The Job Status view shows details about the phases and steps that were completed or skipped. When you successfully stop a job, the final job status will be “Terminated” to distinguish it from jobs that are “Cancelled” when they are not running (scheduled and recurring jobs).


Server Communication Tests

You can now use the SA client to run server communication tests. This used to be available only in the SA Web Client. The SA Web Client is now deprecated for running communication tests. For more information, see the User Guide: Server Automation.


Audit Policy Compliance

This release provides enhanced visibility into audit policy compliance. You can now add audit policy columns to the Compliance view (Compliance Dashboard) to show the compliance status of servers, with respect to audit policies.


Improved List of Required Open Ports for Firewalls

The list of ports required to be accessible by SA through software or hardware firewalls has been expanded and provides details about which SA Core Components use which port. See the SA 9.10 Simple/Advanced Installation Guide.


Users, User Groups and Permissions Now in the SA Client

You can now use the SA Client to create users and user groups, manage permissions, change passwords, and set all security policies. These features are no longer available in the SA Web Client. You can use the Administration Tab in the SA Client to do the following:

  • Users and Groups – Security Settings – Set password policies, display a user agreement whenever anyone logs in to the SA Client, and display a banner on all SA Client windows.
  • Users and Groups – User Groups – Create and modify user groups, assign users to user groups, set all permissions including action permissions, resource permissions (facilities, customers and device groups), folder permissions and OGFS (Global File System) permissions.
  • Users and Groups – Users – Create and modify users, suspend and activate users, change passwords, add users to user groups, view user permissions and see which user group grants each permission.
  • Users and Groups – Super Administrators – Create and modify super administrators.
  • Permissions Required – You must have the Super Administrator (admin) permission to use these capabilities in the SA Client. The Users and Groups node will not appear at all under the Administration tab for any user who does not have Super Administrator permission.


The Release Notes : http://support.openview.hp.com/selfsolve/document/KM1162971/binary/SA_9.10_Release_Notes.html?searchIdentifier=-68f112a6%3a1306b1b277f%3ae5&resultType=document

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15 Juil 2011

The exit code from the script was 246

Category: HP,SAEnky @ 4 h 17 min

You are running a SA script and you have this error :

Internal Opsware Agent error (job_run_unix): error in execv /tmp/567270002L.sh
errno = 13, Permission denied
The exit code from the script was 246.

It’s because you can’t run script in the /tmp directory on the target server.

to be sure :

root@server:/tmp # echo "echo hello World" >hello.sh
root@server:/tmp # chmod +x hello.sh
root@server:/tmp # ./hello.sh
ksh: ./hello.sh: cannot execute

Call your SysAdmin

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