08 Nov 2011

OO 9.02 patch OO_00010 is Now Available

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The 9.02 release is now available and can be found here http://support.openview.hp.com/selfsolve/document/FID/DOCUMENTUM_OO_00010


IMPORTANT: The 9.02 release is required

OO Release 9.02.0001 fixes the following Change Requests:

  • QCCR1D136052: Corrupt Primary results are returned when fetched via the SOAP portion of the OO SDK: The problem occurs only on MySQL databases. To fix this defect, follow the procedure in the release notes.
  • QCCR1D137656: In the Reports tab you see the history ID and not the flow run ID: The history ID column will be replaced by the run ID column.
  • QCCR1D137657: Flows launch, but not all are visible on the Reports tab: All flows from the run history that does not appear in the Run table will be shown in the Reports tab. For those that now appear the Run table, you can see them in the current run.
  • QCCR1D137561: Headless flows are saved in the run history of each step in the flow, even if you remove them from the flow and it causes OO to work slowly: Added 2 flags to the system settings: “saveHistoryBasedOnFlags” flag, if true, forces Central to respect the flags selected in the Studio, and “disableSaveHistory” flag, if true, disables step history for all steps of a headless flow, regardless of the flags.
  • QCCR1D135421: Reversion of behavior change in SSH Command when using credentials in OO 9.00.
  • QCCR1D137547: The patch version is displayed as 9.01.00 in Discovered RAS section in Studio instead of 9.02.00.
  • QCCR1D137103: Scheduled or UI-executed orphaned flows never restart on a new node after a Central failover: Currently, all flows of invocation types: Scheduled, Headless, and SOAP are resumed in case the resume automatically flag is enabled on the Administration Configuration screen.


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