18 Oct 2011

OO 9.02 Release is Now Available

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The 9.02 release is now available and can be found here http://support.openview.hp.com/selfsolve/document/KM1252187


OO Release 9.02 fixes the following Change Requests:

  • QCCR1D134235: OO Central throws a NullPointerException when the setting log4j.rootLogger is set to DEBUG in the log4j.properties of Central
  • QCCR1D130956: RSCLUSTER service fails to start after configuring for RAS Clustering
  • QCCR1D115443: Provide ability to change permissions on selected objects QCCR1D114532: Copy Deep is allowed to transfer (copy) objects across repositories
  • QCCR1D134414: In Studio, the Description tab is not in HTML format
  • QCCR1D117338: Lengthy shutdown time (8 minutes) on Windows 2008 x64 server of embedded OO RSCentral service appears as a Network Node Manager iSPI NET installer hang
  • QCCR1D131883: WS API getting status for certain run IDs results in IndexOutOfBounds exception
  • QCCR1D129430: Asynchronous OO calls intermittently return an incomplete (wrong) rawResult QCCR1D111729: Restoring repository from backup does not restore Japanese folder and flow names
  • QCCR1D133657: All RAS-based flows using the OO Load Balancer fail in OO 7.60 or OO 9.00
  • QCCR1D130928: SOAP API getFlowDetails does not return default values for inputs
  • QCCR1D108972: ROI not showing on run report for ROI of subflow when the flow is run headlessly
  • QCCR1D132914: The default certificates for the RAS and Central are set to expire on May 20th 2011
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