09 Sep 2011

Unable to start transaction

Category: OOEnky @ 14 h 37 min

I have this error in Studio when I try to check in : “Unable to start transaction”

In the studio.log You can see this line :

ERROR [AWT-EventQueue-1] (11:08:19,281) com.iconclude.dharma.model.library.actions.CreateSection - Error executing action
com.iconclude.dharma.commons.exception.DharmaException: Unable to start transaction
Caused by: org.apache.commons.transaction.file.ResourceManagerSystemException: 1324ddfbd4c-1e1: Saving status information to '/hpoo/Central-9.00/Central/rcrepo/.tmp/central-OO01-19ed0137-d07f-4e68-b54e-706c16f9824c/1324ddfbd4c-1e1/transaction.log' failed! Could not create file (ERR_SYSTEM)
Caused by: java.io.FileNotFoundException: /hpoo/Central-9.00/Central/rcrepo/.tmp/central-OO01-19ed0137-d07f-4e68-b54e-706c16f9824c/1324ddfbd4c-1e1/transaction.log (No such file or directory)

The central can’t write the file on the FS.
-bash-3.2# df -h | grep hpoo
/dev/mapper/hpoo_9.0  9.9G 9.4G 0 100% /hpoo/

No space on the FS …

See the log directory on the central server 😉

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