15 Juil 2011

The exit code from the script was 246

Category: HP,SAEnky @ 4 h 17 min

You are running a SA script and you have this error :

Internal Opsware Agent error (job_run_unix): error in execv /tmp/567270002L.sh
errno = 13, Permission denied
The exit code from the script was 246.

It’s because you can’t run script in the /tmp directory on the target server.

to be sure :

root@server:/tmp # echo "echo hello World" >hello.sh
root@server:/tmp # chmod +x hello.sh
root@server:/tmp # ./hello.sh
ksh: ./hello.sh: cannot execute

Call your SysAdmin

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  1. DJELLAL a dit:


    You check the fs if it’s mounted with option noexec.

    root@serveur:/var/log/opsware/agent # mount | grep tmp
    /tmp on swap read/write/setuid/devices/noexec/xattr/size=10240m/dev=54c0002 on Fri Nov 2 10:26:25 2012

    Solution : update your file vsftab ( modify the line on the file “swap – /tmp tmpfs – yes size=10240m ) and unmount and mount the fs /tmp.

    Best regards

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